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Corporate Membership

Chalsys recognizes that many corporations have significant numbers of executives for whom international corporate entertaining is a key part of their business activities.  Chalsys offers 3 levels of corporate memberships, paid annually.


Up to 3 executives per quarter at Tier I instruction (would be added to an existing group).
£650 per year


Up to 6 executives per quarter at Tier III instruction.
The executives may choose to join an existing group or form their own
£1500 per year


Up to 10 executives per quarter at Tier III instruction.  Up to 3 executives may devise an individual lesson plan. The corporation may also elect to have a half-day lecture for up to 50 executives comparing and contrasting socializing any two major culinary and social cultural environments (US, UK, Northern Continental Europe, Southern Continental Europe, Northern and Southern Asia, or Latin America).
£5000 per year.  Half-day lecture £3,500.



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